Rochies Originals

5 Ft. Extra Large Straight Edge Oak Paddle

$215.95 $225.95

5 Ft. Extra Large Straight Edge Oak Paddle is available in 1 type of wood; Oak

It is a premium wood, extra wide to accommodate more decoration and precision cut 

Smooth luxurious sanded finish, beautifully beveled edges, good weight, substantial thickness, and quality wood makes these paddles ready to use as is and set them apart from other paddles

Painting or staining is not necessary, however, should you choose to paint we recommend using water-based acrylic paint to ensure the sticky back letters would still work without any issues

Oak is a gorgeous wood with its beautiful natural grains & durability

Add our Peel and Stick lettering/symbols, etc and in no time you will have a magnificent masterpiece to present to someone special or keep for yourself


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