Overall Rating: 100.00%
Average Rating: 10.00/10

"Thank you for my beautiful sash! It made my graduation complete and my pictures show it. I still smile every time I look at my pictures. I can't say enough about how your gorgeous work was the talk of my family and guests at my graduation. I got so many compliments. Thank you and keep up the great work."
Darius, Granada Charter High

"Roya is extremely professional and helpful. I have returned several times to order for myself and my littles. The team continues to exceed my expectations. Rochies' garments are made to perfection. I have gone to other businesses for work, but Roya's work is best I've ever come across."
Maria Barron, Sigma Alpha Zeta

"I've had 2 sets of Letter's done at Rochies and everytime they're breathtaking. I get nothing but compliments on my letters. Going into Rochies I always go with an open mind and give Roya an idea of what I want and let her design the rest I completely trust her with it. She is a true artist when it comes to letters. She is the Da Vinci of letter making no lie. Not the cheapest but definitely worth every cent. The letters she makes are made with the intent of lasting a life time. You get what you pay for and at Rochies you only get Quality and the best Customer Service"
Chris F, ΣΝ

"As a member of the staff of Delta Lambda Phi, I've worked with students all over the U.S. and Canada and seen a lot of Greek apparel. But there's still nowhere I'd go to buy any Fraternity gear other than Rochie's.

From the first time you go there, Roya makes you feel like part of the family and she really does a fantastic job taking care of her customers. I've been an alumnus of my chapter for a few years now, but I still carry a few business cards in my wallet to send all the newest Brothers to Rochie's."
Jordan Decker, Delta Lambda Phi

"Roya is awesome! If you want perfection on your letters you need to march straight to Rochies. I recently ordered a black tote Kappa Delta bag as a Christmas gift for friend and it came out perfect. It was a beautiful bag and it was literally finished next day before closing hours. Roya will find ways to make it happen and unique."
Stacy, Alpha Xi Delta

"I love Rochie's! Ever since I first received my first gift from this store I knew I would be a regular customer. Rochie's has never let me down. I live pretty far away and know that anything I purchase here will be the best quality, will be greeted by the friendliest customer service and know that my gear will be handled and delivered with love and care. Thank you Roya!"
Marie 'Fineza', Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc.

"Walking in here I did not know what to expect. I left Rochies AMAZED! The work is top notch. Roya is amazing she will work with you until you are happy. She also makes sure that everything is spelled right and has the right colors. I love walking in to pick up my merch. because its always so perfect, it makes me feel like a little kid at Christmas. If your looking to always get complimented on your letters this is the place to go!"
Oscar Cardenas, Sigma Lambda Beta Int'l Fraternity Inc.

"We have been loyal customers for many years at Rochie’s; you will always get good and friendly service. It’s also the best place to get any type of garment embroidered. They have always paid attention to the smallest detail and they always deliver the highest quality product that you will ever get in town!"
Miguel A. Gonzalez, Beta Gamma Nu

"I love Rochie's and I learned the hard way not to go anywhere else to get my products. After getting a ruined graduation sash from another local store (things were spelled wrong, embroidery was ripped, wrong colors were used, etc.), I brought it to Rochie's in the hopes that it could be saved. Luckily Roya worked her magic and I now have a wonderful keepsake rather than something I would have just thrown in the back of my closet, or worse, thrown away completely.

I have always gotten my Family Letters and other hoodies done here for all my Littles and friends and I have never been disappointed. Rochie’s definitely goes above and beyond to give you the best product possible!"
Erica, Delta Delta Delta