How to Create your Dream Graduation Sash!

Every year thousands of students reach the graduation milestone. A huge accomplishment that needs to be fully celebrated. Unless you plan and decide on how to tell your story and your journey you will end up with just a diploma and a few generic pictures for that day. If you want to shine and do yourself and your family proud you must think of your graduation like a mini wedding. Like anything else worthwhile in life you have to plan your special day months ahead of time. One of the most popular way students decide to celebrate the day is with a gorgeous graduation sash. There are many different options and the price range varies quite a bit and although online it might be hard for you to tell the difference in reality the difference is like day and night. The BEST place to create your custom sash is at Rochie's Originals. They have been helping students tell their gtaduation story since 1989. They locally, in Southern California, handcraft each sash to your exact specifications. During certain times of the year they offer online Zoom workshops and thet guide you step by step on how to design your masterpiece. They provide a ton of individualized help and a lot of hand holding to make sure you get to turn your vision into a gorgeous reality. This is the best place for the individual who is super proud and want top quality fabric, immaculate workmanship and don't mind paying a little more since they are getting a concierge service. There is no other place like it. Just check out their Instagram @RochiesOriginals and you get the see the caliber of sashes they manufacture. They have invented the Puff letters which is a 3D multi-layer applique lettering which takes your School letters or your Greek Letters and make them pop up and get noticed. Rochie's Originals' vision is to inspire and empower students to celebrte their important milestones by transforming their beautiful vision into gorgeous masterpieces. And they have done so incredibly well for well over 30 years. As such Rochie's has a Proprietary Framework to help everyone to become more creative so they can design their beautiful sash. To get access to a blank sash template to start creating your masterpiece please click here . And Download your Sash Design Framework please click here. For any questions/help creating your graduation sash please contact Rochies Originals directly or DM on Instagram @RochiesOriginals. Depending on the time of the year response time could be 12-48 hrs. You can always call/text 1-818-775-1622 when you are in a hurry. Please note they can not price your sash over the phone for that you must email your design. Congratulations on your special day! Be sure to choose a company who specializes in giving you WOW generating, gorgeous sashes you would be proud to wear. You have earned this moment in time and you Deserve to celebrate it!